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We Are a Regional Business Incubator

Imagine having a framework of administrative and business support around your new or micro-business while it grows. Imagine working within a network of other professionals a few months, years or decades on from where you are now.

The UNE SMART Region Incubator is friendly, focused and connected space built to join regional businesses with growth potential together with academic business research, business mentors, corporate and community partners.

New businesses come here to work hard, build smart, fail well and pivot fast.




We Are Innovating Agtech Across Regional Australia

We’ve been growing an ecosystem from a rich history of agriculture leadership since before Agtech was cool. Access deep data-connections from the University of New England, plant a breakthrough sensor in the UNE SMART Farm – or pivot, and work with others on humanity’s survival tools for next century.

We are breathing challenges like these and need your creativity and innovation, outside of the city limits – where good air, fresh data and bold ideas live.

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