Saved a business lately? Connect someone with the skills you have to expand their operations, or build an empire. Build your business network while learning and reinforcing successful habits with other Mentors, Founders and Innovation Partners.

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Join Us Full Time

You have experience, leverage our resources and supercharge our network. Working here full time gives you maximum access to the UNE SMART Region Incubator ecosystem and the UNE SMART Data Community. Researchers walking through the halls? Innovation Partners dropping in; you have access to it all. 8 hours a month dedicated workshops with other Mentors and Founders. What’s not to like?
Get in touch to discuss the work-space that best suits your needs.

Join Us As Needed

Can’t be everywhere at once? Have an office you can’t shift here, but workspace in an Incubator is too valuable to give up? Work from any desk in the Incubator and engage businesses with your domain-specific knowledge for 4 hours a month. Lead businesses ad hoc when you’re able to.