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Pull up a chair and hear from experts in everything from the startup ideation process to commercialising your product. Hear from industry representatives who are here to help unlock funding opportunities. Hear from our research experts, sharing compelling case studies to bring their findings to life.

The SMART Conversation: Lecture Series, Blog and Events

Being a part of the UNE SMART Region Incubator is about more than just finding a work space. It’s a place to test ideas, to ask the big questions (and the small ones) and to hear from others who are working towards their own success. The SMART Conversation brings you an ecosystem of experience and knowledge to draw from, giving your business an edge that only comes with strong networks of like-minded people. Join us in person or online for events and workshops, or keep tabs on the big ideas via our blog. Step into the SMART Region Incubator and join the SMART Conversation



Recent Events

from the Smart Region Incubator

Startup Showcase Tamworth

We were excited to showcase some of our SMART Region Incubator founders! Hearing our founder stories, how their startup idea blossomed and their growth goals for the future. This special evening event was great to find out about the amazing ideas, products and...

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We offer open events for the community, workshop events for education and development and members-only events in support of our Founders and Mentors.

Visit our Armidale and Tamworth campuses to see what’s on offer to the innovation ecosystem through UNE SMART Region Incubator.