What is Ideation?

“I’ve just had the BEST idea…!” is a great starting point, but an idea is not yet a business. It has amazing potential to be, but how do you know that awesome thought has value?

It’s useful to unpack your ideas and look at them from different perspectives. At the end you’ll be clear if it’s worth pursuing as a business, and you’ll have a lean canvas business model to start with!

Let’s start by saying, “you don’t have to nail this straight away!” Where would all the fun be in that? To start a business is to be challenged and to grow. Gaining skills that will serve you well as you start this exciting new venture. So, as with all great ideas, we start somewhere and take it from there. You’ll probably find some parts of your initial thinking will be perfect from the start, others you’ll revisit often and refine.

Ideation is brainstorming around your idea and seeing whether it’s got legs to become an actual business.