Human-Centred Design Workshops

The Department of Primary Industries’ GATE and the Public Service Commission invites NSW public servants in regional NSW to free tailored virtual workshops. The workshops focus on Human-Centred Design (HCD) – a problem-solving approach to help design and deliver better services to NSW citizens.

Why learn HCD? Because, now more than ever, our communities expectations are changing and we have a responsibility to continue to improve the way that we design and deliver services to them. This means better understanding the needs of our regional customers and designing better, simpler ways of meeting them. HCD provides you with the tools and a methodology to do just that.

As a skill, HCD can provide you and your agency with a new way of navigating opportunities in a changing digital landscape and drive regional innovation.  Join a Community of Practice of HCD champions as part of the ongoing support to foster a broader public sector innovation network in NSW. This program is being delivered jointly by UNE, The Exchange and Sydney School of Entrepreneurship.     

Who is driving this change?

This program has been co- designed by the DPI and PSC. The DPI hosts the GATE a bespoke innovation unit embedded in the DPI. This unit specialises in driving innovation internally for DPI and also across the primary industries sector. Based in Orange the GATE, it will support other regional NSW agencies in expanding these skills to staff. For more about the GATE go to

The PSC has the charter to advise the NSW Government on workforce strategy. The PSC has identified the need for skills development across the public sector in innovation and digital transformation. The PSC has sponsored this special regional HCD capability building program and the establishment of the regional HCD community of practice. For more about the PSC go to  

Click below to register your Session A and Session B now.

(27th July – 13th August)

(18th August – 2nd September)

The Opportunity

Delivered across 2x3 hour virtual sessions between July and September 2020, this is not your normal workshop.   


  • This is a place where you can talk and network in ways not normally seen in traditionally facilitated workshops.   
  • It’s a fast-paced, engaging, hands-on virtual workshop.  
  • It’s where you’ll be inspired by facilitators who are leading voices in the use of Human-Centred Design to drive regional innovation.   
  • Bring yourself, bring your whole team.
  • It’s online, so you can join from your office or your lounge room. 
  • And once you click below to register, we will guide you through every step of the way. 
What do you need to do?

Please Register for both the Session A and Session B on a date that suits you best!

Workshops start on 27 July and run until 2 September, come and join us. 



Who can join the HCD workshops? 

If you are a regionally based NSW public servant who is keen to learn about how Human-Centred Design can deliver an even better experience for your customers, then this program is for you.  Bring yourself.  Bring your whole team. Register now! 

Why learn HCD?

Because, now more than ever, our communities’ expectations are changing and we have a responsibility to continue to improve the way we design and deliver services to them. This means better understanding the needs of our regional customers and designing better, simpler ways of meeting them. HCD provides you with the tools and a methodology to do just that. It’s relevant whether you work in policy, programs, customer service, or other parts of government, and whether your customers are inside or outside your agency. 

About our Delivery Partners & Facilitators 

Our Delivery partners for these workshops are key supporters and drivers of regional innovation. The partners are The Exchange based in Dubbo, the UNE SMART Region Incubator in the New England North West and the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, an all of NSW provider of entrepreneurship support. The Partners work with startups, community and other organisations to turn ideas into action. 

Our lead facilitators are Jillian Kilby, from The Exchange in Dubbo and Emily Chang, from the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship and Project Manager and Co-Facilitation from Hugh Taylor from the UNE SMART Region Incubator 

What are the key benefits for me in joining these workshops? 

Our day to day work is problem-solving and many of our organisations and communities have challenges that often need more out of box thinking and creative solutions. 

These workshops will give you an experience of working together to experiment with some tools to open up possibilities; you will get to use the human-centred design framework and work with people outside of your organisation and geographical area. 

You may see this as a leadership opportunity or as a way to extend your network, and everyone will leave with a strong understanding of what human-centred design involves and how to put the framework into practise to better serve the needs of customers in regional NSW.  

How do the workshops run? 

Please register for 2 of the workshops. You must choose one Session A Workshop and one Session B Workshop and you are expected to join both sessions. It is a 6hour commitment for you over a 6week timeframe. 

Once you have registered you will receive a zoom link for your calendar with details for joining the program and we’ll be in touch to personally provide assistance to you every step of the way.   

Why is the workshop broken into two sessions? 

As a world-class team of Human-Centred Design thinkers, we believe a split workshop will provide better outcomes for you.  You will have the opportunity to network with a broader cross-section of the regional NSW Government sector and have time between sessions to reflect on your learnings.  It may also work better for your diary.   

What happens after the workshops? 

A HumanCentred Design Community of Practice is emerging and you will be invited to join so that we can build a team of practitioners across regional NSW Government.    

Is there a cost? 

There is no additional cost to your participation in the workshops.  

Need help? 

Contact Hugh Taylor ( 

Meet the Delivery Team

Jillian Kilby

As COVID continues to disrupt our day-to-day routines, we can be thankful that here in regional, rural and remote Australia, through the use of digital technologies, we have never felt so included.  We’ve also never had a better opportunity to understand and support the needs of the people we serve in regional NSW.  

HiI’m Jillian Kilby, Founder and CEO of The Exchange, Dubbo, a place where regional business and local people connect, grow, and succeed.  

I split my time between Dubbo, Sydney, and San Francisco where I use HumanCentred Design and multi-stakeholder collaboration to cross-pollinate ideas between diverse projects, teams and countries.   

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your team in our HumanCentred Design workshops as there’s never been a better time to go beyond technology, to change the way we approach our services and put our customers at the heart of everything we do in regional NSW.   

Emily Chang

Every individual holds their own keys to performance enhancement; they just don’t know it yet! This principle guides the way I interact and engage with every challenge and opportunity presented to me, both personally and professionally. 

Hello, I’m Emily.  My role as Director of Entrepreneurship at the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship allows me to apply my knowledge in behavioural and organisational psychology to provide evidence-based recommendations so teams and organisations can translate their ideas into positive impact for humanity and the world.      

My clients engage me because of the energy I bring into any engagement, my understanding of people and ability to distil the factors that drive their context.    

Experiencing a Virtual HumanCentred Design workshops will help you and your team find and pursue the best pathway to have an even more positive impact on the communities you serve.  I’m keen to get started. See you soon. 

Hugh Taylor

You know, there is something so satisfying in seeing new things created from imagination and collaboration.    

I was excited to participate in the HumanCentred Design Thinking workshops delivered recently in the region by the NSW Transport Accelerator and I’m really looking forward to seeing what good things emerge through these workshops for regional NSW Government.   

I’m here to help you.  I’m your “go-to” person for EVERYTHING so if you have a question or need some help with the technology, no problem.  Please send me an email and we can work it out together.  

You’ll find me at 

The GATE Global Ag-tech Ecosystem
Ph 02 8732 3212
1447 forest Road Orange, NSW

NSW Public Service Commission
Ph 02 9272 6000
Level 4
244 George Street, Sydney NSW