Drone Logbook Australia

Meet Scott Hamey.

Drone Logbook Australia specialise in aerial 2D & 3D photogrammerty services and research & development in the New England Tablelands and North West region of New South Wales.

We assist local agriculture businesses, researchers, environmental ecologists, surveyors and local Councils in collecting and processing high quality and accurate aerial data sets and processing them in Geographic Information System (GIS) software that integrates, stores, edits, analyses and displays geographic information we process from range of sensors we use on our UAV’s and manned aircraft.

These include the following:

  • NDVI and Multispectral
  • RGB and Thermal
  • LIDAR attached to manned aircraft
  • Bathymetric Surveys

For recent discussions with businesses and various agencies, there are many opportunities available in the New England region for our business. The region, and especially Armidale, provide a focus for regional technology businesses and are well connected with the NBN. Furthermore there are various activities emerging in the region well suited to RPA applications.

These activities include the expansion of large-scale renewable energy projects, precision farming research and development, expansion of potential mining activities, ongoing broad-acre agricultural innovation etc. All these represent real opportunities for future local UAV applications, and especially for local RPA training.

We are currently working with local livestock producers using RPA technology for aerial monitoring of livestock, asset management and pest/weed control identification. We have 4 pilot sites, where we are testing and researching this technology, with a goal to create products and services that solve and reduce problems for livestock producers.

Everyday someone come up with a problem that drone technology can solve, and we filter out the problems we can solve right now!