The Agrifood TrainHack 2019 Mission: 

Food Agility CRC and UNE SRI are partnering to create Australia’s first-ever Agrifood TrainHack, a two day datahack ontrain to onfarm bringing together talented people to explore data and create value where it has not been done before. 

In Australia’s first ever TrainHack, participants will get access to never-before-combined data sets as well as guidance from experts. On the move and under pressure, they will look for unique data correlations that could help farming businesses be more productive and sustainable.

On the eight-hour journey from Sydney’s Central Station to Armidale Station, teams of students, start-ups, data scientists and future-looking farmers will get to work. They will interrogate real data sets (eg weather, production, environmental and consumer data) while being guided by experts in agriculture, technology and design-led development

Over the 550km journey across the Northern Tablelands of NSW, landscapes will change, ideas will emerge and the future of Australian agriculture may just be transformed.

The opportunity in joining us:

Bring together a talented team (of up to 4 members) or individuals to join the TrainHack. If you are a University you can create a team, or if you are an individual you might like to come and join a team or form your own team. A commitment fee of $200 per individual registration covers your travel, accommodation and meals for two days.

How does a data hack increase the value of business?

Agrifood TrainHack 2019 participants will be answering this question whilst competing for a substantial prize pool (not to mention the glory of wining the inaugural edition of TrainHack!) Real datasets (from a number of sources) will be released on Thursday November 28 at 6pm.

At a Glance

WHEN: Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2019

Friday ONTRAIN: Sydney Central Station – 9.30am

Saturday ONFARM: UNE SMART Farms Armidale – 9am

Accom: UNE Colleges Armidale

COST: $200 per person (Incl. transfers, accommodation and meals*)

Prize Pool: $20,000!

For more information join the Agrifood TrainHack Facebook Group here!

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About SRI

Future New England North West.

The UNE SMART Region Incubator puts community first. By focusing on the best possible experience for participants, year on year, we bring together people from diverse backgrounds to problem solve future challenges facing our communities and our New England North West region.

We value collaboration and working hard to build community across organisations and regions so that together we can build a world class entrepreneurial ecosystem of opportunity.

The UNE SMART Region Incubator (SRI) opened in 2017 and supports over 40 startups across the New England North West region of NSW. The SRI provides support, community and connections for founders to grow and scale businesses in a range of sectors including health and agriculture. The UNE SMART Region Incubator is funded through the NSW Department of Industry under the Boost Business Innovation Program; Jobs for NSW under the Local Innovation Network Program and the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Expert in Residence Program and the Incubator Support Program.

About Food Agility

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Food Agility CRC is leading the digital revolution for a sustainable food future. We are a $150+ million innovation hub using digital technology to help Australia’s agrifood industry be more competitive and sustainable.

We bring people together from across the agrifood system to broker innovative research, create new technology and services, promote data sharing and showcase agile, design-led methods.

We are funded by the Australian Government under its Cooperative Research Centres Program and by our partners which include agrifood businesses, technology companies, research institutions, agribusiness service providers, and government organisations.