The University of New England’s SMART Region Incubator (SRI) has released its 2020 Annual Founders Survey findings demonstrating the strength and success of this start-up community. 

When a founder takes a business from an idea to a business it takes hard work and determination. Founders who join a start-up community are able to share their success and challenges so that they can grow together.

“One of the key benefits of belonging to the UNE SMART Region Incubator is the nature of a supportive community, working alongside other founders to grow and scale a business,” said Dr Lou Conway, Director of UNE’s SMART Region Incubator.

“We are proud to report that out of 56 start-up founders in 2019-20, UNE SRI have created 151 jobs in the New England North West region and generated a four-fold increase in investment, from $3.4m in 2019 to over $13.8m in 2020.”

“The results also demonstrate that UNE SRI is equipped to assist with the development of high growth business in our region, bringing together support, connections and a community of founders with innovative business ideas.” “Our founders are diverse in type and innovation, in the fields of health, agriculture, environment and creative industries and all have the strength to serve NSW as a whole.”

“The survey results show that start up founder’s value belonging to this community and stay to continue building their businesses in the New England North West”

The UNE SRI provides networking with mentors, industry stakeholders and researchers, and the Expert-in-Residence Program, which provides the ongoing support and encouragement required to grow. This support not only provides opportunities to network but also to showcase their work to likeminded peers and experts throughout the community.

“The survey results not only reflect the achievements of this amazing founder community, but it helps us understand how we can enhance the success of their businesses in the future, especially as our regional communities continue to adapt to change”

The 2020 UNE SRI Founders Survey Results can be viewed here: SRI Founder Survey results 2020