Mentors help coach our startups to be in the best position to make the right decisions for their businesses.


The ideal mentor has an entrepreneurial background and/or specialised industry experience. Being a mentor is a non-solicitation role and doesn’t expect compensation from the startup team(s) they’re supporting.


Mentors volunteer their time and talents to help our startups along their journey.


How much commitment is needed from a mentor?


Connecting with our startups is done in different formats depending on what the mentors and startups are comfortable with. It may be via email, phone, zoom or over coffee. The commitment of a mentor varies from person to person, based on mentors’ availability and areas the startups need support in but may include:


On-going consultation
Participation in startups’ advisory board
Provide workshops in mentor’s area of expertise
One-on-one sessions with the startups to provide feedback on their areas of expertise
One-off consultations or introductions to others who may be able to help the startup


How does a mentor meet the startups?


UNE SRI organises multiple networking events throughout the year for mentors to meet our current cohort of startups. Outside these events, we also do direct introductions and organise workshops in areas the current teams need help in.


I’m interested in becoming a mentor, what’s next?