Solving grassroots agribusiness problems together


Agmentation 2018 is a sprint and pitch grassroots problem solving event held over two days, bringing together primary producers, technical engineers, UNE researchers, industry stakeholders, university students and regional high school students to form teams and work together towards solutions to address the 2018 Mission Statement: “Weighing In – Measuring Productivity in Non-Traditional Ways”

The Process
Individuals or teams are invited to submit an innovative ideas addressing the mission statement for selection to be pitched at Agmentation.

On Friday evening Professor David Lamb and agricultural producers will outline the productivity challenges at the UNE SMART Farm Innovation Centre, setting the scene for the pitch and sprint event the next day.

On Saturday morning our innovators will pitch their ideas and teams will be formed to work alongside experienced mentors and technology experts. Teams will have 8 hours to work through their challenge and idea to present a solution addressing the Mission Statement.

The Mission

Weighing-in – Measuring Productivity in Non-Traditional Ways

Agementation 2018 will focus on new innovations which effectively ‘game-change’ the measuring of productivity of livestock (including fish stocks) and pastoral assets.

The Value

Agricultural producers will bring their productivity measurement challenges including connectivity, accurate trustworthy real-time data collection, transport logistics, price volatility and markets, automation of equipment, livestock identification, financial services and the ability to make informed decisions onsite in real-time.
The Precision Agricultural Research Group have listened to producers and identified the 2018 mission as one of the top priorities for agricultural producers that has the potential to unleash improved practice and profitability outcomes.



The UNE SMART Region Incubator (SRI) exists to ignite regional entrepreneurship by innovating start-ups across the New England North West through support, outreach and the translation of UNE’s cutting edge research and technology transfer.

The SRI opened in 2017 and now supports over 50 founders located in Armidale and Tamworth with a range of regional start-ups focusing on technology and business solutions for producers and customers in agricultural industries. The SRI is funded through the NSW Government under the Boosting Business Innovation Program and the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Expert in Residence Program.

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