Entrepreneur’s Hour: FarmLab and Precision Pastures adding value in the Carbon Credit Market.

Entrepreneur’s Hour: FarmLab and Precision Pastures adding value in the Carbon Credit Market – Armidale

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We know that farmers can generate significant returns on investment in carbon farming, however some properties will be more difficult to generate returns from than others. With a significant upfront cost to farm carbon, it is important for property owners to understand what kinds of returns they might target and whether farming carbon is a good idea in their operation. Please join us to hear from entrepreneurs Sam Duncan of FarmLab and Milton Curkpatrick from Precision Pastures to describe how their businesses are addressing soil carbon measurement. 

Guest speaker appearance by leading scientist and international carbon market experts Greg Bender and Norman Marshall, Directors ASM, who will provide case studies on previous Carbon Farming projects.

  1. Sam Duncan is Founder and CEO of FarmLab.  FarmLab helps agronomists and farmers make better decisions regarding inputs and land management by cheaply and accurately visualising their soil. Sam is a father, an entrepreneur and a passionate environmentalist. 

  2. Milton Curkpatrick is Founder and CEO of Precision Pastures. Utilizing spatial technology tools, Precision Pasture’s aim is to provide strategic soil analysis services and science based land and productive pasture management advice.  All carbon farming projects require practical services and analysis.  Precision Pastures have been providing these services and integrating with latest soil technologies in the carbon market.

  3. Greg Bender, Director ASM Pty Ltd. Greg is one of Australia’s most experienced and knowledgeable scientists in the field of carbon farming. He is passionate about smarter land management, meaning the integration of sophisticated natural systems with modern farming practices to build better soils, landscapes and businesses. Greg has developed and commercialized a range of environmentally friendly products now available globally.

  4. Norman Marshall, Director ASM Pty Ltd. Norman is a results-focused director with a reputation for building new businesses to support worthwhile causes at a national and international level. His property in Australia’s high country is a sanctuary for rescue horses and is also a bio-diversity reserve. Norman has developed international markets for carbon credits generated by Australian farmers and other land managers.

10 AM – 11:30 AM


Feb 12 2020


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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