UNE SRI founders, Anita Taylor and Sarah Burrows, feel fortunate to live on well-run farms with happy, naturally reared cattle and sheep living on sustainable pastures.

They wanted to save their animals from the stress of live transport, feed lots and holding yards and allow them to live their whole life on the farm.

Working with experts, regulators, farmers, engineers and meat processors, here and overseas, Anita and Sarah developed a unique and nimble, commercially compliant mobile abattoir system.

As a result they are able to provide ethical consumers with high-quality, ethical sustainable meat direct from the farm.

No live transport, no feedlots, and free from stress, hormones and additives.
Red 8 Produce believes in the importance of vibrant local communities, and they pay farmers well for growing naturally reared animals on sustainable farms and use local staff and suppliers.

The infinity symbol in our logo is a visual representation of this continual cycle of like-minded people working together to supply ethical and sustainable products.