Having a clear pathway to your customers from Day 1 is something many Start-ups miss. They’re so focused on the idea for their product or service that the obvious can often be overlooked – that you need people to sell to, and most importantly – a reliable way to reach them!

Having defined channels also helps with the other steps of this lean startup methodology, you can use them to validate if you’ve actually got a problem worth solving, or if your solution is different enough from existing alternatives to gain traction.

Testing your channels is also important,

Which Channels?

The 19 channels mentioned in the video can be found here,

Consider (and write down) the best pathways, and there will most likely be more than one, to reaching your ideal customer. They may change over time as you test out new or different options, but initially you might consider combinations like:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Tradeshows or Conventions
  • Community Events
  • Shopfront or Office (or mobile/on-site service!)
  • Newspaper/Radio/TV advertising
  • Affiliates or Referrals

Once you’ve got channels decided, it’s good to then think briefly about what you’re going to need – do you know how to build a website? Can you design an ad? Have you got images/video/text to work with? Remember the medium is the message, and each can have quite different needs to consider.


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