What problem do you solve for your customers? This is the WIIFME! (What’s In It For Me!?) principle, if you solve problems for people they’re more likely to part with their hard earned cash if they can see there’s a benefit to be had. We’ll talk about solutions later, first though we’ve got to  identify those problems!

Thinking about your ideal customer and their motivations and fears, ask some (or all!) of the following in order to list 3 problems your customer is currently experiencing.

1) _______________________________________________________________________

2) _______________________________________________________________________

3) _______________________________________________________________________

What does your customer find:

  • too expensive
  • too difficult
  • takes too long

What makes your customer:

  • frustrated or angry
  • avoid something
  • worry about something

What does your customer fear:

  • loss of income
  • loss of productivity
  • loss of social status
  • loss of communication
  • loss of trust

Does your customer make mistakes, and what are they.

What would make your customer happy:

  • saving money
  • saving time
  • better quality
  • longer lasting
  • better performing

What would make your customer’s life easier:

  • easier to use or more intuitive
  • outsourcing
  • better features

The 5W’s

Now that you’ve defined 3 existing problems, unpack them by asking the 5W’s for each: Who What When Where How… does the problem occur?


Are there any existing alternatives that solve, resolve, or avoid the 3 problems you’ve identified? It’s useful to do a web search for existing alternatives to the problems you’ve identified, so you can verify if they’re the right problems to concentrate on solving. If they’re not or if there’s an existing alternative, do you need to refocus the problem?