Meet Con Asciak.

Meet Con Asciak.


Solar Air Heating is a simple low technology efficient Renewable Heat source.

During sunlight hours it is the cheapest way to heat your home or building. I know heat pumps have a great benefit and are the cheapest most efficient way to heat your home at night when there is no sun. But if you used a solar Air heater to heat your home while the sun is shining you can then benefit from the energy stored in your home’s mass without the need for expensive batteries that will need replacing and maintenance throughout their limited lifetime.

Remember that if your home is preheated and you have stored energy in your buildings mass you need less energy to operate your heat pump at night.

There is never a “one size fits all” solution.

A combination of technologies is the best method. Those that keep saying if you have solar PV panels your energy is free, you forget that you cannot run everything off solar at the same time so if you are operating your heat pump while the sun is shining, unless you have a large system to operate all your electrical appliances you are importing energy.

Yes I do have a bias towards Solar Air heating as I manufacture such systems, but the “facts are the facts” so have a look at my system at