Connecta Buddy.

Meet Travis Bailey.

The Connecta Buddy site has been developed as a result of people having a shortage of trucks, headers and cotton pickers during the harvest seasons, but 100 km down the road it may have rained and there are truck, header or cotton picker owner/operators looking for a few days work to fill in time whilst it dries up.

This is the first step in creating a site where contractors and farmers can find each other quickly and efficiently with a few clicks of a button. As this is the first step, it is only based on the busy seasons of the year being both cotton and grain harvest for the short term.

Connecta Buddy hopes that we can make it easy for farmers and operators to find work and keep everything moving in the busy times.

Benefits for users

The benefits to the users of this web site are many things such as,

  • Speed of finding extra contractors or work as a contractor. It’s as simple as clicking a few buttons on either your phone or computer with instant results
  • Easy, quick and convenient to use.
  • Up to date jobs
  • Instantaneous add creation if either a job is needed or a contractor is required to complete a job.
  • Job search details can be saved to make it quicker and easier to search next time.
  • All adds and searches can be managed at your own digression easily and simply on your own profile page
  • Quick results will decrease the down time spent looking for more work or another contractor