Meet CroppaCo & farmSimple.

Product Profile

Broadacre Farm management in the palm of your hand.

This is easy to use cloud-based software which can cache data allowing it to still be used when outside data coverage. It keeps records on equipment, paddocks, silo’s, spray logs, grain movements, contracts, time sheets and any other farm asset. Covers statutory APVMA, Safe Meat CVD and (soon) SafeWork record keeping. Operating on Apple and Android systems with desktop back-office functions. Local Personal Weather Stations data can be drawn directly into the app for spray log records.

FarmSimple aims to record all farm activities to lift your businesses efficiency, productivity, historic record keeping and compliance.

Company Profile

FarmSimple is a small dynamic team of farmers and software engineers. It has a broad experience base working across defence, international banking and large manufacturing businesses. Combined with farming heritage, this provides our team depth to understand current farming business requirements and chase down new functions and methods to allow farm businesses to achieve higher efficiency and productivity. Part of our team operates a broadacre farm, testing and using our product every day.  Farmsimple is built by farmers for farmers.