Drone Logbook Australia

Meet Scott Hamey.

DroneLogbook is now one of the global leaders in compliance and tracking software for commercial drone operations, logging over 7500 flights per week and growing. We are expanding our office locations around the world and setting up DroneLogbook Australia locally here at the UNE SMART Region Incubator, Armidale NSW Australia, so we can deliver locally hosted platform and support for our Australian software users.

DroneLogbook provides recreation and commercial UAV operators with a cloud-based platform (with mobile/offline capabilities) to manage flights, documentation, incidents, maintenance and inventory. The deliverable’s from our platform allow commercial UAV companies to comply with local regulatory requirements of CASA and create custom reports to better manage operations.

DroneLogbook reduces the burden by automating many of these tasks:

  • Generate Compliance CASA Reports In Seconds
  • Create Documentation Electronically (Authorisation Forms, POA’s etc)
  • Create your Custom Checklist and Risk Assessment Forms
  • Import flight Log Files or Push Automatically your Flight Data
  • Attach Documentation to Flights
  • Notification of Maintenance Tasks
  • Create Custom Reports In Seconds
  • Operate Offline and Sync when you are online

UAV Industry Integration

DroneLogbook is actively working with partners to provide the tools you need to optimise your drone operations workflow. With our drone log importation tools, API’s and web services we integrate with many of the key UAV hardware and software players. As the UAV industry continues to evolve, we will evolve with it by improving key features and functionality. We recognise that the drone industry isn’t standing still and neither should we.

Scott Hamey
Australian Senior Partner
DroneLogbook Australia
Email: scott.hamey@dronelogbook.net.au
Phone: +61 (0)468 42 99 45

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