Emma Weston, CEO & Co Founder AgriDigital

Meet Emma Weston

Emma is the CEO and a Co Founder of AgriDigital, one of Australia’s leading emerging agtech and fintech companies. In December 2016, AgriDigital achieved the world’s first settlement of a physical agri-commodity on a blockchain between a farmer and a buyer in New South Wales, Australia and this was recognised by Fintech Australia presenting AgriDigital the Excellence in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology award for 2017 which was again awarded to AgriDigital in 2018. AgriDigital continues to work with blockchain and other novel enabling technologies to bring efficiency and transparency to global supply chains. AgriDigital was awarded most innovative supply chain tech company series A+ at the 2018 global Agfunder awards in San Francisco and is named in the 2018 KPMG Top100Fintech List.