Meet Sam Duncan.

Soil is a fundamental part of our environment, our economy and a key contributor to climate change. In recognition of this, Sam founded FarmLab in 2016 to give farmers and agronomists a simple and cheap service to request a soil test from any lab, then receive and analyse the results.

Because FarmLab collects soil data online, users spend less time at the computer searching through soil reports, and gain better insights into how their land management impacts productivity and soil health.

Prior to founding FarmLab, Sam spent his career working in Air Force logistics, gaining experience in leadership and the implementation of technology across some of the least developed parts of the globe. His exposure to conflict and suffering across Africa and the Middle East led to a desire to improve the world using technology.

Sam’s first startup was a fleet and fatigue management tool for the Australian Trucking Industry called Optishift. Following the (successful) failure of his first start-up, Sam entered the SproutX pre-accelerator program and founded FarmLab alongside his friend and business partner Shahriar. In 2018 he moved to Armidale with his family where he joined the UNE Smart Region Incubator.