Meet Nerida Richards.

Here at FeedXL we know nutrition makes a difference; a difference to a horse’s behaviour, health, performance and general wellbeing. But the problem for horse owners is if they ask 10 different people what they should feed their horse they will get ten different answers. Plus, confusing marketing claims and realms of online misinformation contribute to horse owners becoming lost and anxious about what their horse should be fed. They often end up spending a small fortune on a feed program that still fails to meet their horse’s requirements.

In 2003, following her completion of a PhD in equine nutrition at UNE, Nerida started her equine nutrition consulting company Equilize Horse Nutrition Pty Ltd. Nerida quickly recognised that providing private consultations to horse owners was not a feasible option to help them long term. So “I decided to teach them to fish instead”… Nerida and two former UNE colleagues worked together to create FeedXL.

FeedXL is an online horse nutrition calculator. Horse owners tell FeedXL about their horse and what it is being fed. FeedXL then calculates the horse’s specific nutrient requirements for calories, protein/amino acids, vitamins and minerals and shows the horse owner which requirements are being met by their feed program and which are not. The horse owner can then adjust the diet to meet all requirements, giving them peace of mind and their horse a diet that will keep them happy, healthy and performing at their best.

By using FeedXL, horse owners are given powerful science in the form of an easy to use and fun online tool… and the results our members see in the changes in their horse’s health and performance are proof that nutrition really does make a difference!