Glenn Hinds Design

Meet Glenn Hinds.

Glenn is an accredited Carpenter, Building Designer and has just completed a Bachelor of Applied Sciences- Architecture.

Wanting to go beyond “just buildings and typical house plans”, the reason for Glenn Hinds Design’s Smart Hub involvement at UNE is to gain start up and innovation in incorporating this  emerging practice and design focus of Biomimicry and Biomorphics into both building and drafting architectural disciplines.

But what is Biomimicry and Biomorphics? It’s intuitive design that learns from nature, and make this accessible, cost effective and aesthetically beautiful within a residential context.

Through adopting principles perfected within the natural world and finding ways to incorporate these within an architectural principle, the ultimate desire is to make it possible to harvest water in arid regions even during drought, warm homes and business in temperate and arctic climates, provide relief for homes in hot and tropical zones, and build using materials that have a low embodied energy, low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and are sustainably grown and harvested.

By doing this, a low or even zero carbon footprint may be achieved, leaving a brighter and cleaner future for generations to come. This is the focus for Glenn Hinds Design.