Meet Prashanth Van Houten.

i4GOOD was established back in 2014 as a partnership to continue our work with tertiary students; progressing from a voluntary student group to a formal joint venture.

In the past, we have focused on intercultural activities highlighting and improving domestic and international student cohesion at university. We developed programs that were culturally sensitive, educational, and were structured to provide leadership opportunities to the student volunteers.

We were successful in many aspects, from program delivery to on-going high student engagements. The student organisation played an instrumental role in the formation and re-establishment of other student groups and bodies at the University, as well as providing an avenue for tertiary students to develop additional skillsets whilst being a student at the university.

To date we have been involved in number of diverse projects ranging from student leadership retreats, event coordination, and researching policies and procedures for a youth centre.

Currently, i4GOOD is conducting market research to affirm the viability of a number of programs. We joined the incubator to network with ambitious people in the region and share our values of positive community development, and to learn from those who are paving the way for the next generation.