Founders gain knowledge and skills around the best way to pitch for investment; including pitch development and pitch deck creation, and learn about the preparation they need before securing investment. 

Raising Capital & Investment Pitching with Sean Wise

SMARTSessions: Raising Capital & Investment Pitching with Sean Wise

The UNE SMART Region Incubator & Sydney School of Entrepreneurship is pleased to present ‘Raising Capital & Investment Pitching’ with Dr. Sean Wise. Dr. Sean Wise specialises in helping emerging and high growth potential organisations jump on the trajectory and turn a profit. An expert on startups and venture capital, this is an intensive investment pitching masterclass.

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Introduction to Raising Capital with Hamish Webb

SMARTSessions: Introduction to Raising Captial with Hamish Webb

Are you thinking of raising capital? Before you ask yourself HOW, have you considered Why, What, Who, Where and When? The AgTech Gateway Manager Hamish Webb, Partner of TerraProtein Equity Partners will present An Introduction to Raising Capital. The session will provide an opportunity for founders to ask questions and evaluate their options towards raising capital now and in the future.

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Bridging the Gap with RegionalCollab

SMARTSessions: Bridging the Gap with RegionalCollab

Many startups find themselves in no man’s land, where they have used all the funds available to them through savings, friends and family, but are not yet ready to be considered for capital investment. How can a startup get out of no man’s land?