Magic Electricity Box

Magic Electricity Box is a music publishing social enterprise.

We deliver programs for young people, building capacity to strengthen connection to community. Our artists are specialists in songwriting, theatre practice, illustration, storytelling and community engagement.

Our mission is to bring a little bit of magic to every regional, rural and remote community in NSW, and support emerging artists to create work that strengthens their connection to community.

Our vision is for a trail of vibrant, creative and thriving communities where Art, Music and Play contribute to jobs growth and helping young people to fully realise their talents while appreciating the benefits of living in regional communities.

We have five focus areas:

  • Jobs growth in the creative industries for regional artists, using music publishing innovations to engage, support and deliver cultural products and creative services;
  • Art, Music, Play for kids, which includes the live music touring components, school holiday programming and learning resource development with our stakeholders
  • E-health: enabling art and music benefits to support regional people, especially farming communities;
  • Aboriginal Language Preservation; and
  • Delivery of professional creative services for non-creative businesses.