Meet Andrew Ross.

MyOrigins is a funded start-up supported by the National Farming Together Program. In collaboration with a group of New England, Victorian and Tasmanian Superfine Wool Growers it’s launching the Ethical Wool Growers Co-Operative of Australia and enabling full transparency across the value chain from Farm to Finished Product leveraging secure block chain technologies.

MyOrigins is a spin-out of the Bluey Merino active and outdoor clothing brand founded by Andrew Ross in 2012, to source and make premium ultrasoft next-to-skin Merino Wool garments sourced direct from Growers and Made in Australia.

Finding that there was a distinct lack of industry transparency across the supply chain fuelled the passion to disrupt current practices within the Wool Industry, which were unchanged for many generations, in the hope of increasing commercial benefits for growers and the increasing engagement of End Consumers with Ethical brands.

UNE Smart Region Incubator is located centrally in one of Australia’s leading Superfine Wool Growing Districts, so has become the pivotal launching pad for the design of next generation AgTech capabilities which will enable the Wool Industry to continue to innovate and differentiate itself long term.