Rawson Baker Advisors

Meet Andy Chambers and Simon Groth.

At Rawson Baker we use industry leading processes and the latest cloud technologies to deliver comprehensive and personalised advisory, tax and accounting services to your family and business. Our business model strays from the ‘archtypal’ accountant who look at historical data to prepare historical reports and lodge a return.

Yes, we keep up to date with tax law and most definitely lodge your returns as required on time. By utilising cloud technology to streamline traditional processes our Advisors spend less time on processing and reconciling; and more time on face to face meetings, getting to know you and your business.

We aim to look forward in your business; preparing budgets, tracking progress and monitoring forecasts in line with your short term, long term, business and personal goals.

In growing our business we are building tools that allow you to look at your business in a different way – one of these tools is Custom Dashboards.

Dashboards allow you log in and look at the parts of your business crucial to your success. As part of our advisory tool kit we custom build dashboards based on our understanding of your business and focusing on areas we see as important to profitability and sustainability of your business.

A dashboard can contain information as simple as ‘sales this month’ or ‘forecast cash balance’. More complex dashboards can show ‘return on investment’, ‘actual vs. budget’ or how you track against market averages or industry benchmarks.

Other advisory tools include:

  • Customised monitoring alerts
  • Diagnostic review and insights
  • Cashflow review and forecasting
  • Comprehensive tax planning
  • Banking and lending health check
  • Social media analytical review