The SMART Podcast

A podcast that inspires Founders with startup journeys, advice from experts and tips and tricks to get your startup off the ground. In this podcast, we’ll be sitting down with founders and special guests to tell their stories, share their wisest words, lessons they’ve learnt and advice on how to really make an impact.

Our SMART Region Incubator (also known as the SRI) is based at The University of New England in Armidale, Tamworth and across the New England North West. Our goal with this podcast is to make sure we are on the map for innovation and known for the incredible startups across our region.

Episode 1 - Replacing the notepad in your top pocket with farmSimple

Episode 3 - Why we need to make soil sexy with FarmLab

Episode 5 - Taking fashion from Moree to Milan with Buluuy Mirrii

Episode 7 - The importance of finding your why with Bomb Media

Episode 9 - The key to managing your Intellectual Property with Tim Fitzgerald

Episode 2 - Using social media to make an impact with Lee Ussher

Episode 4 - Bringing cloud-based accounting to the farm with Rawson Baker Advisors

Episode 6 - Embracing the startup ecosystem with Jessica Bradbery & Birth Beat

Episode 8 - The changing face of HR & Recruitment with Alli Varnes

Episode 10 - Coming Soon..