Meet Ben Wynn.

For the past two decades, Ben has been busy travelling the world, obtaining a Business Degree, Diploma of Education and Certificate III in Landscape Construction, but mostly running his small landscaping and civil construction company. Ben was always mindful of Australia’s clean, affordable power needs to meet growing demands.

So he pondered the question, “how can agriculture and renewable energy production co-exist seamlessly across Australia’s vast areas of grazing lands that don’t provide a reliable wind resource?”

In 2016, Ben took a 12 month job in the solar industry with ‘Eco Energy and Solar Solutions’ in Tamworth to gain hands on experience whilst his business plan continued to evolve.

A gnawing desire in Ben for sustainability led him to develop an ambitious idea.

Five years ago Ben sketched up his first designs of a robust ‘stock proof’ solar tracker; he then turned to Northrop Design Engineers to complete the engineering specifications for this model. Last year Ben secured a patent for his invention.

Now it’s time to get WYNERGY Pty Ltd growing!

WYNERGY Pty Ltd will be a solar farm construction company building solar farms across rural grazing land. Economies will be kept circular with an energy royalty payment being delivered to the farmer hosting the solar farm; and a subsidiary company selling the clean energy to rural communities.

“I want to have a Gigawatt of installed capacity within a decade providing clean energy into the National Energy Market whilst boosting rural jobs and regional prosperity.”