“The SMART Region Incubator has been a sounding board for ideas and given us access to some really knowledgeable people who can help with specific problems.”  

Roger Fairest

What’s new from SRI Founder Roger Fairest from ‘Drone That’

Drone That uses Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems for spraying chemicals to treat weeds in hard to reach places. SRI Founder Roger Fairest has just secured two new certifications from ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation).

This kind of certification demonstrates the integrity of Drone That’s quality systems, ensuring worker health and safety and the environment are at the forefront of its operations whilst ensuring consistent aerial spray application accuracy.

“We are so excited because having completed a productivity trial with a large commercial customer, we are now one of the first drone operators providing aerial chemical spraying solutions to be certified with the ISO 14001 (Environment) and 45001 (WHS) standards in Australia”

Drone That’s new certifications will allow users to identify environmental and WHS issues before they happen and capture productivity improvements.  The benefits to customers are a documented and consistent approach to aerial chemical spraying always providing the same quality outcome.