“Building my business in the region is exciting and working alongside other regional startups in Tamworth is inspiring”

Amy Kelly

What’s new from SRI Founder Amy Kelly from Big Sky Relocations

Big Sky Relocations provides practical, essential relocation support to companies and Government Departments recruiting new team members into the Tamworth region.

Amy Kelly as the founder of Big Sky Relocations knows what a difference personalised organisational and practical support makes to a great transition to regional working life. 

‘We have found that when people relocate they are often still busy in their current jobs and knee-deep in the chaos of life, so to spend hours trawling the web for generic information is just time they can’t spare. To have it all done for you, saves so much time, energy and stress!’

Big Sky Relocations finds the services and amenities required to make the transition to regional Tamworth, work and life seamless.  From housing to schools, to language or Zumba classes, Amy curates personalised information as she knows where to find everything that is needed to make work, rest and play a success, in the region.