“Red8 received an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant earlier this year and are looking forward to successful commercialisation of their system in 2021”

Sarah and Anita

Meet SRI Founders Sarah Burrows and Anita Taylor from Red8 Produce

Red8 Produce is solving problems across the red meat supply chain and are tying into meeting the growing global demand for better animal welfare, sustainable farming and additive free food.

Red 8 Produce began out of a desire to save their animals from the stress of transport, sale yards, feedlots and traditional abattoirs and allows them to live their whole life on the farm. They identified that the quality and worth of their animals was being lost in terms of weight, bruising, and stress.

In response, Anita and Sarah designed a commercially compliant, lightweight, mobile, on-farm abattoir. By taking the abattoir to the farm they allow many farmers to produce higher quality, additive free meat, processed ethically and sustainably, with full and open traceability and reduced supply chain inputs.

Anita and Sarah think that much of their success so far is due to the support of the UNE SRI and the the community of founders within the UNE SRI. The mentors supplied tools to succeed, door opening introductions and access to pertinent information at critical times in their journey. This has enabled them to build a business that benefits regional Australia.