“Developing the Family HQ app was all about making life easier for parents when their little ones are sick, providing piece of mind for them when they need it most”

Liz and Sarah

Family HQ launch new app

Liz Crowe and Sarah Gleeson are regionally based healthcare professionals who have recently launched the Family HQ App to help parents manage their children’s medication dosages.

Sarah and Liz have seen first-hand just how many parents accidentally overdose their children when administering paracetamol and ibuprofen. Many parents can’t remember exactly when they gave the last dose, or if the other parent or a carer had also given pain relief.

The Family HQ app is an all in one solution for parents and carers to better manage their little one’s episodes of illness. The app allows parents to track medication intake, share the details with other family members and send alerts when it is time for the next dosage.

“As founders of the UNE SRI, we had the support to get the idea off the ground and the experience definitely helped our business get to where we are now”.

Recipients of the jobs for NSW (MVP) Minimum Viable Project Grant, Liz and Sarah were able to launch their app on the 20th October. For more information on Family HQ visit their website or go to the App Store to download Family HQ.