“We gather goods not readily available in the mainstream marketplace. Our aim is to express sentiments of gratitude and appreciation in the creation of a gift that evokes the generous and abundant spirit of country Australians”

Georgie Rogers

SRI founder, Georgie Rogers creates a country community in a hamper

Gathered Goods hampers began during the unprecedented drought of 2018. Georgie saw a way to shine a light on regional makers and producers who were doing it tough trying to get their products to market. Some of the products chosen for Gathered Goods were a result of farmers having to diversify income streams when they were not producing a profit.

To curate her Gathered Goods hampers, Georgie has spent countless hours visiting growers and makers, creating all-important connections across Australia, where networks are many generations strong. She has now created a product that is not only Australian made, but also regionally sourced.

Gathered Goods has just opened a store at 82 Rusden St, Armidale, where you can shop and create your own hamper from the delectable, hand-picked, regionally made treats and homewares.

Georgie says “In an age where time is scarce, the UNE Smart Region Incubator takes on board the role of sourcing coaches and mentors that provide knowledge and inspiration to grow, its been a great to absorb some new ideas and take things to the next level”