We’ve been with the SRI based in Armidale since very early on in our journey, and it’s helped us make valuable connections in the region with both farmers, agronomists and other agtech companies” 

Sam Duncan, FarmLab

SRI founders, FarmLab are on a carbon mission 

FarmLab provides farmers with a digital account for their soil to help record, view and manage soil information. FarmLab’s team describe the startup as a “Xero for soil,” providing a digital account that allows farmers to manage their soil health — including water capacity and levels of nutrients and carbon — by storing test results, maps, and other relevant data in one place.

“To further our mission, we’re developing partnerships throughout the agricultural supply chain (consultants, buyers, abattoirs, restaurants) to help promote ‘carbon conscious’ products that support our users farming in a carbon neutral or climate positive way. We think this will help them get a premium for their produce, further rewarding them for their efforts.” said FarmLab Co-founder Sam Duncan.

“We recently announced our #1million1billion mission; to help 1 million farmers sequester 1 billion tonnes of CO2 by 2025.” This announcement has captured the attention of the AgFunder based in the US, in a recent article https://agfundernews.com/farmlab-thinks-it-can-get-1m-farmers-to-sequester-1b-tonnes-of-co2-by-2025-heres-how.html

To meet this goal FarmLab is using its technology developed in conjunction with the University of Sydney’s Department of Agriculture, to reduce the cost of sampling for soil carbon so that farmers can more easily enter into soil carbon credit projects.