“When I joined the SRI I was a sole operator and now I have five employees working as a team to help grow our company”

Shonelle Gleeson-Willey, Moss Environmental

Moss Environmental’s Shonelle Gleeson-Willey – leading change for women in the construction industry

Environmental consultancy, Moss Environmental was formed by SRI founder Shonelle Gleeson-Willey, a qualified Environmental Manager and Certified Practitioner of Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC).

Moss Environmental identified the requirement for good quality, reliable and flexible environmental consultants / contractors to provide practical expert advice to projects during the initial and final stages. As a result, they deliver efficient, practical and cost-effective solutions for all environmental projects.

Shonelle is also an advocate for change in for women in the construction industry and has just won the NAWIC Lendlease Crystal Vision Award recognising persons, businesses or organisations that actively promote and encourage participation and career progression of women in the construction or property industries.

“I benefited greatly from being a member of the SRI. It has provided me with a new perspective on the way I manage staff and helped me work on my soft skills. It has also given me a great understanding of business and how to grow a competitive, sustainable and enjoyable company”