SRI Outreach Program

The SRI Outreach Program connects entrepreneurs, innovators and startup founders across the New England North West region. We create and grow opportunities together by supporting the startup journey. Please come and meet the SRI team at one of our events or contact us to find out more information.


SMART 101 Masterclasses

SRI’s SMART 101 Masterclasses are delivered across the New England North West region, providing development and learning opportunities for regional startups. The series covers business essentials, ideation and lean startup methodologies, new technologies as well as workshops and activities on specific topics. Startup & SME’s founders can join the Masterclasses at various location across the region, sharing the experience with other regional founders or via our Facebook Live streams.

For information about upcoming SMART 101 Masterclasses, see our event calendar.

Online Community

Being part of the SRI means being part of a growing cohort of New England North West startups. SRI is building a community connecting these regional founders online; sharing stories, sharing ideas and sharing knowledge. Through online platforms, founders connect with peers, with experts and with mentors growing their own knowledge and creating strong connections across the region.

Community Events & Inspiring Speakers

SRI connects with the larger startup ecosystem, both nationally and internationally to bring inspiring speakers and facilitators to our region. These whole-of-community events allow entrepreneurial thinking and innovation to be fostered in our region.

For information about upcoming community events, see our event calendar.

Collaborative Working Space in Tamworth & Armidale

SRI founders can access our two collaborative working spaces in Tamworth & Armidale, providing a space to focus on your business, access state-of-art technologies & high-speed internet, collaborate with peers and host meetings and workshops.


SRI’s mentoring program give regional founders the opportunity to access mentors from the New England North West region and beyond, connecting them to business leaders and experts on both group and one-on-one basis, formally and informally.

Makerspace Entrepreneurs Program

SRI has partnered with Armidale Regional Council and the Central Northern Regional Library (Tamworth Regional Council) to deliver Makerspace Entrepreneurs programs for young people and adults. Makerspace brings people together to learn, design and make using new technologies and resources. The Makerspace Entrepreneurs program will use technology to inspire entrepreneurship and provide practical education about new and fun technologies.

Design Thinking

The SRI is passionate about design thinking! Design thinking or human-centred thinking is a solution-based approach to thinking, working through 5 stages to reach a focused and designed outcome.

5 stages of design-thinking

  1. Empathise
  2. Define
  3. Ideate
  4. Prototype
  5. Test

SRI brings design thinking to the region through the delivery of design-thinking workshops for startup founders and service providers.

For information about upcoming Design Thinking workshops, see our event calendar.

Real World Problem Solving

SRI offers two flagship events each year, RISE (Regional Innovation. Sustainable Entrepreneurship) in Tamworth and an on-farm hackathon style event called Agmentation at the UNE SMART Farm. These events allow regional high school and university students, agricultural producers, community members, technologists and innovators and founders to work together in diverse teams working in a “sprint and pitch” fast paced problem solving environment to solve real challenges within the region.

Find out more about RISE
Find out more about Agmentation

Interested in being part of the SRI community? Find out how to join the UNE SMART Region Incubator.

SRI is proud to be part of the Jobs for NSW Local Innovation Network