100 Steps2Grow Program 2020

Starting your own company is a unique journey. The intention of the UNE SMART Region Incubator’s 100 Steps2Grow program for 2020, is to enable the space and resources for young entrepreneurs to learn what you need to know, in order to establish and launch your business.

Key Messaging

Within regional Australia, there is a movement being powered by young people to grow startups or enterprises that can solve local and global needs.  These tough times of drought, bushfires and COVID closures have combined to mean now it’s time for new ways of thinking, working, creating.  With the right team on your side and the tools to make it happen, building a startup now in regional Australia might take us all somewhere unexpected!

With the University of New England’s SMART Region Incubator (SRI) and nbnCO partnering to form that team of startup coaches for young people in regional Australia, anything is possible.

If you or someone you know would like to work with other young people in regional Australia to explore a startup idea, please join our Steps2Grow Young Entrepreneurs Program, delivered to you wherever you are.

The Program will kick off on Wednesday 22 July.  Join us to work on your own idea or join a team and explore another idea. 



Steps2Grow is a program delivered by the UNE SRI for young people aged 15 to 25 who are currently feeling the challenges of living rurally or regionally with limited opportunities to grow their knowledge on business or new ways of thinking outside the box.

This program covers 100 steps to learn how to build a startup and unlike other programs, this offers the opportunity to gain university credit at UNE for future study opportunities.

About the Program

Steps2Grow means you can trace the whole startup process from idea to investment. With a 100 day window of time, you work at your pace with your Startup Coach using this program which is like the google maps of startups!  This program, and it’s the best we have seen, has not been offered to regional and rural young people with coaches who get rural startups. 

Developed by Canadian Entrepreneur and Professor of Entrepreneurship from Ryerson University, Sean Wise the steps program makes sure that you can see the whole process from the first idea through to talking to investors.  When Sean Wise was in our regions last year he fired us up to see why now is the best time to be an entrepreneur, now he’s on the team to make this happen.

Participants will be supported by SRI Startup Coach, Jo Watson and other mentors from nbn CO, SRI founders and the Australian startup networks.

Time until Steps2Grow 2020









What’s the cost? There is no cost to you participating in the program and working in a team or individually and working with our startup coaches.   If you have an idea that you want to make fly, we want you to invest in your idea to test it out.

Is there a catch?  It is all upside really, you get to learn about startups, share your ideas, like what you learn and maybe want more!

What the ‘more’?  If you really like the program and want to build a startup, you can pitch to join the UNE SRI as a founder and be part of a larger community of like-minded founders.  If you want to build a startup and study, then you get one unit credit towards your degree, you can make this Steps2Grow your elective.

What if I am already a TAFE or UNE student?  You are welcome to join the program, stay the course and get a certificate at the end.  The Certificate will convert to credit for one unit into your degree.

Can I join with a group of friends?  Sure, if you have a group of three friends, you can join and push an idea through the startup process.  But the other way is to join a random group and that can be interesting and fun. You will be asked about this as you apply to join the program.

When does it start?  22 July 2020 is when we kick off and then we sprint for up to 100 days.

What kind of end is there to the program?  Like all good startup programs, we will have a finale where we show everyone involved what has been created.  This Pitch Event means that you can share your idea, you never know what shape an investor might take in wanting to hear about your idea. 

Course Structure

Phase 1: Preparing to Startup
  • Understand Startup in 21st Century
  • Learn Lean Startup Principles
  • Understand the startup lifecycle
  • Set Goals
  • Understand Skills requirement
Phase 2: Finding the Problem
  • Pick a customer to serve
  • Find Unmet Market Needs
  • Find your early adopters
  • Customer Discovery Interviews
  • Problem Integration
  • Develop Customer personas
  • Define the Problem
  • Quantify your beachhead TAM
Phase 3: Find the Solution
  • Identify your Value Proposition
  • Quantify your Value Proposition
  • Create your elevator pitch
  • Craft your offer
  • Create the MVO
  • Validation interviews
Phase 4: Creating the Venture
  • Name your Venture
  • Check TM
  • Secure a Domain Name
  • Create a Tagline
  • Create your Brand
  • Incorporate and Register your Venture
  • Set up Online Marketing
  • Set up Analytics
  • Set up Channel
  • Leverage Google Adwords
  • Set up Social Media
  • Get Bank and Payment Systems
  • Secure your Intellectual Property