UNE SMART Region Incubator, together with Cisco Technical held their inaugural Agmentation on Saturday 22nd July at the UNE SMART Farm. Agmentation 2017 is the beginning of future multi—day hackathons which will take a similar deep-dive on solutions to the challenges that keep farmers awake at night.

Participants included local ag producers, scientists, students, innovators and Cisco engineers, who spent the day at the University of New England’s SMART Farm tackling problems and aiming at solutions.

Six local ag-producers presented their problem statements first up in the morning, then individual participants from diverse backgrounds, were given the opportunity to pick the problem they wanted to work on. Teams were given seven hours to work within their group, with the assistance of expert mentors, to find a solution.
A design thinking, sprint and pitch!

“Congratulations on such a well-executed event and the excellent momentum you’ve been able to create.  It’s a huge achievement and such powerful platform for fostering real innovation.  I’m blown away.’
Simon Blyth, LX Group

Agmentation is a concentrated hackathon-style event to put laser-like focus on what might be preventing the region’s farmers from reaching optimum performance.

Innovating with Cisco, the global leader in networking.

Agmentation – Just needs U.

Tech solutions for socially relevant Agribusiness ‘grassroots’ challenges.

UNE through SRI, in conjunction with CISCO, are working to strengthen our community and provide an opportunity to learn something new. Agmentation is a chance to meet new people with a vast set of skills and a fun way to make headway in addressing problems that affect regional people every day.

For our inaugural event, participants living within a 150 kilometre radius of Armidale were invited to commit a day to a structured process of innovation development, some healthy competition and a whole lot of fun.

The day started early with BBQ breakfast, and moved through proven principles of ideation and innovation development. The event closed with idea pitches to a panel of expert judges followed by a celebration dinner and prizes, under the stars on Kirby Farm.